The Mustang Club of Mid-Michigan (MCMM) is a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation and a family oriented club. Since our beginning in 1993, our club has been a charter member of the Mustang Club of America (MCA). We welcome all Mustang enthusiasts to join our club. The love of the car is the only requirement. We normally meet monthly on the 3rd Monday of the month (7pm) at daVinci’s Italian Restaurant at 524 N. Main Street in Frankenmuth, MI. We have members from various backgrounds and we work at one to three car shows annually, including our own car show in September.  In addition to drafting a monthly newsletter called Horsin’ Around, we have picnics, cruises, tours, outings, and other family fun events!

Our address is P.O. Box 324, Frankenmuth, MI 48734. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our club offers:
• A Regional Club of Mustang Club of America
• Technical Assistance
• Car Show Information
• Social Contacts and Activities
• Monthly Newsletter
• Parts / Buyer Information
• Information on Originality
• Best of All, a Common Interest in a GREAT CAR


Serves Mid Michigan with fun activities, interesting car information,
And is dedicated to promoting the Ford Mustang.

*Send your application (on web site) and annual $20 dues to:
Mustang Club of Mid Michigan (MCMM)
P.O. Box 324
Frankenmuth, MI  48734

For questions call:
Tom Welsh (989) 992-9344 Saginaw
Al Selesky (989) 465-0224 Midland
*Dues subject to change

Mission Statement
To foster and promote interest in the Ford Mustang automobile; to conduct educational programs; to provide information regarding Ford Mustangs; and to support charitable and community organization programs of interest to club members and supporters. The club is open to anyone interested in the 1964 1/2 to present Mustang, regardless of vehicle ownership, and for the enjoyment in the hobby and club fellowship. Members should have enthusiasm and a willingness to participate in club activities. Participation of the family unit is not only desired but also essential.

Special Announcements

Upcoming Events

May 8th, 2013

Special Announcements

April 25th, 2010

Hey folks if you have not renewed your membership in the MCMM it’s time…..don’t put this off. Just write a check for $20 payable to Mustang Club of Mid Michigan and mail it to: Mustang Club Mid-Michigan, P.O. Box 324 Frankenmuth, MI 48734. Now don’t forget, we’re counting on you!

Mustang Club of America by Quentin Levitte

Speaking of National shows the MCA has a new membership drive that you might be interested in….it’s called the Three 4 Two program. Look it over and give me a call 989-553-5766 so we can get a membership for you and we can all share the savings.

The “Three 4 Two!” Membership Drive Program immediately gets the MCA two new MCA members, not renewals, and extends the current MCA member’s membership by one year. A win for the MCA and a win for the recruiting MCA member! That’s all there is to it. Just follow the guidelines outlined below and sign up new MCA members as fast as you can!

1.) You must be a current MCA member in good standing to participate.
If your MCA membership has expired, you must bring it to a current status before you’re eligible to receive a membership extension.

2.) Every application must include your MCA number along with your name and other information.
This is so the MCA can make sure the right membership number is extended at the same time as the new members are entered into the MCA data base to keep the proper records. E-mail addresses are optional. For information regarding our data handling practices and privacy policy please visit

3.) All three MCA memberships must be processed together and each new MCA membership is $50.00 each.
The recruiting MCA member will have to collect the new MCA member’s dues and forward it on to the MCA with the filled out application. This will prevent any problems regarding who the actual recruiting MCA member is. All new MCA memberships under this program shall be for $50.00 each. Offer does not apply with any other discounts or programs of the past or in the future.

4.) You can recruit up to 10 new members and get your MCA membership extended for an additional 5 years.
That’s right! You can do this up to 5 times! Recruit 10 new MCA members and your MCA membership will be extended for 5 years! Each extension must be done separately. Each shall consist of a current MCA member and two new MCA members so that proper records can be kept.

5.) New MCA members recruited can recruit new MCA members to extend their MCA memberships by 5 years.
Once they have their MCA number, new MCA members can recruit new MCA members and extend their MCA membership the same as the MCA member who recruited them. That means that when a new MCA member spends $50.00 for their MCA membership and recruits 2 new MCA members themselves, they will have actually paid $25.00 a year for their MCA membership. If they bring in 4 new MCA members, that means their MCA dues are actually $16.67 per year and so on.

6.) You can either go on the MCA website and complete the process or mail the application with payment.
Go to and sign up today using either a credit card or PayPal for payment. You can also print out the Application Form from the website and mail it in. You can even use the Application Form below, or a copy of it, and mail it in to the address below with payment. Payment can be a check from the recruiting MCA member or checks from the new MCA members. However, if the new MCA member’s check is returned, their MCA membership will be cancelled and the recruiting MCA member’s membership will be docked for the extended year.

7.) Lastly, the MCA reserves the right to cancel this MCA Membership Drive at anytime.
For any reason, the MCA reserves the right to cancel this program at anytime. Be sure to get your application(s) in ASAP!

The MCA Regional Clubs can also use the “Three 4 Two!” Membership Drive Program to help build their MCA numbers. As an example, an MCA member can sponsor two new MCA members, have them join at $50.00 each, and then the two new MCA members can then sponsor two new MCA members and get their MCA membership extended for a year which would work out to only $25.00 per year. This is a great way to bring all the MCA Regional Club members into the MCA in a very economical fashion!

The MCA’s “Three 4 Two!” Membership Drive Program will only in effect from December 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012. Just think if every MCA member jumped on this and we could increase the MCA membership by thousands! Let’s see if we can make that happen!

If you are sending the application by mail, please use the attached form for every two new MCA members you sign up and mail with $100.00 payment to:

Mustang Club of America “Three 4 Two!” Program
4051 Barrancas Avenue PMB 102
Pensacola, Florida 32507

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

May 8th, 2013