Ford Archieves Book Update


I just received an update from Mike Rey, who was overseeing the sales end of the project (and is the president of MOCSEM). He, and Ford Performance’s John Clor, had a conference call with the man overseeing the book, and it is progressing through Ford’s approval process and the publishing process. 
The expected delivery date is now June 1st. Expectation is to have them available for pick up at the Carlisle Ford Nationals event next June. Mike understands that the current publisher’s representative, Mark Roberts, of Iconic Treasures, will be at Carlisle to personally begin the distribution. 
I asked Mike how solid the June 1st date is, and he said the both he and John “felt confident after the call.” Mike and John are seeing this through for Ford, Ford dealers, clubs like ours and individuals. 
Mike further assured us that the new publisher, Mark Roberts, is expected to fulfill everything as presented and promised. 
If the June 1st date holds, it will be about 20 months since the presentation at our October, 2019 membership meeting.



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