Back to the Bricks

Greetings, MCMM members,

If you are among the members NOT headed up to Mackinaw for Mackinaw City’s 10th Annual Mustang Stampede, here’s another fun event you may want to consider: 

The Back to the Bricks® (B2B) Road Rally on Saturday, July 15th. 

If you are interested, I suggest entering early. Click the link on the B2B newsletter to register. I and many other MCMM members have been on a B2B Road Rally and they are lots of fun. 

Also, on Friday, July 14 is the Maverick Ford of Gladwin’s Pit Stop Cruise-In. You don’t need to be headed to Mackinaw to cruise to this event. See full details in the June MCMM newsletter coming out this week.

Also, check out the other selected shows in the newsletter on the Events page, or choose one from the 2023 Car Show Schedule also attached to this email (PDF and Excel formats). 

Show Season is upon us. Let’s get those Mustangs on the road and show those GM and Mopar owners who really owns the roads of Michigan!!!

Tom Welsh II

Communications Director

Mustang Club of Mid Michigan

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